AdvanQas plugin for Eclipse

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Plug-in archive, version 1.3
Plug-in archive, version 1.2
Plug-in archive, version 1.1

AdvanQas plugin adds several new quick assists to the Java editor of Eclipse:

  1. "Split && condition"

  2. "Join 'if' statement with outer 'if' statement"

  3. "Join 'if' statement with inner 'if' statement"

  4. "Add paranoidal parenthesis for conditions"

    Adds parenthesis in selected block of code around each simple condition like '=', '>', 'instanceof', etc.

  5. "Remove extra parenthesis"

    Remove all parenthesis in selected block of code that are not required because of precedence of used operators.

  6. "Inverse 'if' statement"

    Inverse 'if' statement condition and exchange 'then' and 'else' statements.

  7. "Inverse 'if' statement, convert into 'continue'"

    If 'if' statement is last statement if loop, inverse condition, replace 'if' 'then' statement with 'continue' and add original 'then' statements to the end of cycle.

  8. "Inverse 'if/continue' statement, convert into 'if'"

    If 'if' statement has 'continue' as 'then' statement, replace 'if' statement and rest of loop with 'if' statement with inversed condition, and 'then' statement block of statements to the rest of loop.

  9. "Convert 'if/return' into 'if then else'"

    If 'if' statement is direct child of void method and 'then' statement has 'return' at the end, remove 'return' and place rest of method in 'else' statement.

  10. "Split || condition"

    Split 'if' statement with complex || condition into two 'if' statements with same 'then' statement. Useful, if you decide at some moment that 'then' statements should be a little different.

  11. "Join selected 'if' statements with ||"

    If several sequenced 'if' statements with same 'then' are selected, it is possible to join them in single 'if' statement with common 'then' and OR'ed condition.

  12. "Add debug output"

    Place cursor on some variable on left side of assignment, press Ctrl+1 and AdvanQas will create statement for output variable value after assignment statement. You can also select some expression and, if it is not left side of assignment, AdvanQas will add output _before_ statement that uses this expression.

  13. "Change then/else statements to blocks"

    If 'if' statement has 'then' and 'else' statements and at least one of them is not block, AdvanQas can turn 'then' and 'else' statements into blocks.